Why You?

Here is the Skillsometer from LMI For All
LMI For All – LMI For All

The Skillsometer asks you to select which you like and dislike from a  range of different tasks. It then provides a profile of what kinds of jobs you might enjoy, based on these choices.

This is a fun app but we suggest you use it as a starting point, not as a definitive tool for selecting a career!


Travelling to CDI Summit

It's a soggy Sunday, and I've been making my winding way to Birmingham for my first ever CDI summit. I was hoping to attend with the letters RCDP after my name, but my CEIAG journey has been almost as winding as my train journey today. The gentleman sitting next to me...

Green Careers Week

Held in November each year in the UK. Some great events by leading employers in the field.

Getting the Right Skills

The transition to low carbon energy is creating thousands of jobs. But the speed of change is far too slow in many countries. Resourceshift looks at ways to speed up the transition.

Green Jobs: When? Where?

Green careers include a wide range of jobs that include energy, the energy transition, biodiversity, agriculture and food and housing. The opportunities are vast.

The Green Transition

In reality, the green transition is a set of interlocking shifts that include deep and far-reaching changes in everything from how we produce food and energy to how we build our houses and dispose of waste

Renewables and Scale

Do you have the right skills for the jobs you want to apply for? The jobs market is competitive. This section aims to get you thinking about what you will need to succeed.

Coal at a Cost

Coal is still used abundantly in power production, despite its high emissions. Around a quarter of all energy comes from coal, mainly in developing countries.