It’s a soggy Sunday, and I’ve been making my winding way to Birmingham for my first ever CDI summit.

I was hoping to attend with the letters RCDP after my name, but my CEIAG journey has been almost as winding as my train journey today.

The gentleman sitting next to me on the train from Reading said that he had travelled down from Manchester to Southampton on a single train with a pre-booked seat in four hours and no delays. Our journey today has been convoluted by another bout of industrial action by the rail unions. I am not sure what the collective noun for strikes should be, but maybe a “tantrum” ? It has taken me four hours so far, and it will probably be six hours before I reach my hotel near The Studio, where the CDI is holding its summit.

During the journey, I have been trying to complete my one remaining unit for the Level 6. This is Unit 2, which covers self reflection and CPD. I have produced few words as the trains have been jammed with people and a feeling of desperation. Even with my 10″ Asus perched on my bag on my knee, it was difficult to keep focus as passengers pushed and shoved their way through the carriage. But it has been a good opportunity to think over my plans and to visualize outcomes.

At this stage, I have two main goals in the dark and starry firmanent of my mind.

The first is to offer purpose-led careers guidance. There are many different theories of work and career choice, and I resonate strongly with the idea that work is where our individual goals meet with societal needs. It’s really important to have that sense of connection of the Self with the whole.

My second goal is to catalyse interest in green jobs and careers, especially by making young people more aware of what opportunities are available. When? Where? I want to do this by writing about green jobs, and by creating videos of the different roles available.

So hopefully the summit will be useful for this. I don’t have any clear idea of what the summit will be like, but looking forward to networking and hopefully not feeling too much like a fish out of water!