Unlocking JOBS


The aim of Unlocking Jobs is to create a website that provides simple jargon-free explanations of how employers screen job applications, and how you can write your CV and application to maximize the chances that you will get interviews.

Many young people feel that the job application process is like a maze. The terminology used in job descriptions is baffling and often misleading, designed to tick boxes for the employer rather than provide useful information for candidates.

If the job candidate has no real idea of what the work actually involves, many just take a punt and use stock phrases that they have been told to use, often by a friend or a well-meaning relative. This advice is often wide of the mark.

The website is just starting off, so we will be doing a lot of tweaking and remodelling in the weeks ahead. But the aim is simple. Please email if you think you can help in some way, or if you want to make suggestions.

My email is peter@coachcreates.com



This is the Careersometer from LMI For All LMI For All – LMI For All

Click on either of the two panels and key in the name of the job you are interested in. The wideget will provide details of the average salary and recent trends in job growth in the particular sector you have chosen.

The widget is super easy to use – just type in the job role (e.g. electrician, plumber, air traffic controller…) and it will suggest a range of relevant jobs.