Interlocking Agendas

The Green Transition is not one thing. It involves a deep reshaping of our world, and will affect all aspects of our life.

The first and biggest transition is the energy transition. This will require a switch from fossil fuels, which currently still make up around 4/5 of all energy use, to low carbon alternatives.

The energy transition can be broken down into several other transitions: 1) a low carbon heating and cooling system; 2) a green power system based on renewable fuels; and 3) a transport system that uses Electric Vehicles or other zero carbon fuels still being developed.

Beyond energy, we need to reconfigure all aspects of our everyday world, from the foods that we eat to how we manage waste.

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Green not Greenwash

Many companies recognize the need for a switch to low carbon energy. Few can forego the huge profits they make from the current system. We need to take back control and make decisions based on what society needs, rather than what the “market” dictates.